Summer Essentials

You Deserve To Enjoy Every Summer!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a natural ability to glow and thrive even during the hottest months? From the glistening hair to the baby-soft skin, they seem to have it all. (But you’re about to learn their secret… they’ve been enjoying the benefits of essential oils without sharing their knowledge with you!)

Have you heard of essential oils before? Essential oils are growing quite popular lately (you may have noticed major brands are trying to claim oils are in their products) and I’m happy to tell you that it’s not a trend. In fact, people have been utilizing the benefits of oils for centuries! Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of the gifts of the Earth with the help of doTERRA.

Join me for Summer Essentials on Wednesday, July 17th at 12:00 pm CDT to get in on the secret that’s taking the world by storm!

The Secret’s Out!

Take control of your health this summer and shine the way you are meant to! Allow me to help take your summer to the next level by teaching you how to replace many of your most common summer products with safer and more effective dōTERRA® essential oil blends. The DIY products I’ll be showing you are SO easy that you’ll be wondering why you’ve been spending so much money on questionable alternatives all these years!

I will also answer your questions and many of the most common inquiries including...

- Which oils are best
- How much oil should you use
- What are the benefits of using oils
- Which brand is the highest quality

Hosted by:

The Joy of Being Well

Knowledge That Grows Beyond Summer

Our one-of-a-kind experience on Wednesday, July 17th is something that could brighten anyone’s day. In fact, most of the knowledge you will gain can be put to use during other seasons for other DIY projects, or even in other cooking recipes, topical uses, and so much more.

Those who use essential oils truly learn to love the lifestyle as there is an oil or blend for just about everything. From tummy aches from too many ice pops, to scratched knees from playing outside, to even itchy skin from environmental threats, oils have you covered!

Plus, if you need a quick gift, essential oils themselves make a thoughtful present or you could make a kid-safe sunscreen, a cooling after-sun spray, an effective outdoor blend, or even a killer citrus popsicle or cowboy salsa!

Don’t miss out on this event. Everything covered in this event applies to so many other aspects of your life!

! Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, July 17th At 12:00 pm CDT!

When And Where
From July 17, 2019 - 12:00 PM To 1:00 PM CDT
6200 Gisholt Drive #209 Monona 53713 United States